New SOTBMusic: @HMAKMusic – HMAK Dead

Artistic evolution is a tried and true method to get folks talking. The “death” of a former persona, such as the case with DMV artist HUNTER (f/k/a HMAK), is one that’ll definitely get people talking. Speaking from personal experience (hi Death of the King and The Sorest Loser), I can vouch that it’s a bold way to get people to pay attention to your project. If people are used to something being one specific way, any change will grab you by the throat.

Now, I’ll be honest. Aside from some production he’s done for Ezko and Dope Music Village, I’m not that familiar with the former HMAK. Because of that, I may be the wrong person to talk on the evolution of the artist. I’m coming in with mostly virgin ears.

The project starts off heavy, then eases its way into a new wave. That wave feels Logic and Drake-esque. There is, however, enough original DMV energy that it feels less like a swaggerjack and more like a slight homage with a twist. Where HUNTER distances himself from his possible influences is the fact that he’s handling everything on this project, from mixing to production. The production, on that note, is a mix of contemporary sounds and futuristic vibes. But, it’s the DIY approach adds a bit of authenticity and new-era struggle to the project.

Because of his “death,” he’s playing catchup in a game where he once had a claim in, in some ways. However, he’s still back to reclaim everything he once had as HMAK, but in a way that’s brand-new. That’s a story I can get behind. So, check the project out below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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