New SOTBMusic: @KAANLIFEMUSIC – Mask Off Remix

Every time I hear a “Mask Off” remix, it’s like rappers are just consistently trying to one-up each other on it. It’s this year’s “Control,” which is both good and bad (mainly because that’s all we’re getting is remixes of it). All we need now is for Big K.R.I.T. to come out and say that the beat is like “an ugly bitch everybody done fucked raw” on a new track that eviscerates the original and the cycle will be complete. But, until then, check out this new “Mask Off” remix from DMV-based artist K.A.A.N., who I interviewed back before he started to take off even more so.
What makes this one stand out among the crowd is, like Joyner Lucas and Kendrick, K.A.A.N. opts to focus more on bars and taking the track into another direction versus just sticking to rapping about “Molly and Percocets.” The smooth double-time flow that K.A.A.N. adopts at points on this track makes you, ironically enough, focus in on the lyrics even more so versus just the flow. Overall, it’s a tasty jam if you’re looking for another rapper to rip the “Mask Off” beat. 
Speed on the Beat

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