Mini SOTBMusic Review: @JoynerLucas – 5085072209

Joyner Lucas dropped his first official project a new mixtape that–according to him–isn’t his debut album, 508-507-2209, this week. I could do two things here. I could break down every track and dive into tracks and try to expunge shit that isn’t really there on some RapGenius fan annotation shit. I could also just say that the project is greatness and is beautifully put together and has introspective bars on top of introspective bars while still giving us an album that everybody (no Logic) can relate to. 
In an era of overly Auto-Tuned craziness and fake “real” bars, it’s refreshing to hear something like this. Featuring executive production from Boi-1da, this album is like SOTB Inception. Yes, I’ve written for, but that’s not what I’m getting at. I remember writing about Joyner years ago, thinking he had bars but he felt he was Eminem-esque, but a bit less refined and raw. I even said that he probably wouldn’t get a deal because of his Em-lite tendencies. The evolution of Joyner’s bars, ear for beats, and everything in between has been lovely. For instance, the multiple stories told on “Keep It 100” and how they intertwine are all amazing.
I love to be proven wrong, especially if the music is dope as hell. Joyner’s really carving a lane of his own on this one. So, I’ll gladly eat my words, vibe with the music and just love this shit. So, check it out and support dope music in all its forms.
Speed on the Beat

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