New SOTBMusic: @DJKhaled – Grateful

At this point, a DJ Khaled release will have a lot of things. You’ll get him shouting “WE DA BEST MUSIC!!!” several times. We’ll get “another one.” And we’ll get a somewhat bloated list of stars on one album. However bloated it may be, though, the album will still representative (mostly) of who’s hot in the game at the moment. From Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick to Future and Nicki and everywhere in between, most of your favorite artists (aside from The Weeknd, apparently) have graced the workings of a DJ Khaled release. And they’ll usually give, at the very least, serviceable features.

Grateful, the album that’s pretty much set to make his kid rich on some Big Baller Brand vibes, is, thus far (I’ve only listened through twice), no exception to the rule. It goes right with that “if it ain’t broke…” adage, as it gives us nothing new to the formula. Khaled pulls everyone out of the woodwork and they, for the most part, give us decent tracks. Will this one be earth-shattering in terms of its impact? Probably not. But, it’s still an okay summertime release that feels like Khaled’s All-Star Coloring Book, in that it’s more about the positivity and energy. Take that how you want to.

Plus, where else are you gonna hear Bey and Jay on the same project as Kodak Black and Chance?! Say what you will about the overall quality/repetitiveness of the work. The fact that all these people came together is astonishing and pretty sweet. So, despite my initial giving out about the project, I have no real qualms with it. It serves a purpose and does so well enough that the vibes of it outshine any negativity. And, that, my friends, is a major key (had to).

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