SOTBNerdy: Should Big Cass versus Enzo Amore Be a Thing?

If it’s one thing that WWE knows how to do–most of the time–it’s a tag team turmoil angle in which one member of a tag team outgrows the other, leading to a feud between the two. Since the Mega Powers exploded years ago–and before then–it’s been a tried-and-true WWE angle. Whether it leads to the next HBK or the next Jannetty, that’s usually up to WWE brass and the fans.

But, with WWE using this angle so much to elevate a tag team star to upper-midcard/main event status, is the angle between Big Cass and Enzo Amore destined to be greatness or fall as flat as a year-old soda? I’m not sure, to be honest.

For starters, since they debuted on the main roster, it was obvious that this feud would happen. The thing about, say, Seth Rollins double crossing Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns is that it wasn’t really THAT expected and they were all (mostly) presented as equals. With the David and Goliath pairing of Enzo and Cass–at least how they’ve been presented on the main roster–there’s been a clear path for the duo.

Could WWE throw a curveball and have Enzo win at GBOF? Yeah, but even with that, it’s clear that Vince and company want to make Enzo into the Jannetty. That sucks because Enzo is great on the mic and has more in-ring talent to me. But, it makes sense because Cass still has that classic WWE look. He’s jacked, he’s huge, and he looks like he could beat most men with one arm tied behind his back. But, he’s not all that great in the other aspects–which is why Enzo and Cass worked so well together; they hid each other’s flaws.

But, what do I know, right? 

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