New SOTBMusic: A Mini-Review of @TylerTheCreator’s Flower Boy

As mentioned in my review of “I Ain’t Got Time!,” I wasn’t that big of a fan of Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb album. However, I was a fan of his choice to go pretty eclectic in his production/instrumentation choices. Tyler’s latest release, Flower Boy (or Scum Fuck Flower Boy, if you’re one of the super faithful Tyler fans), takes that eclecticism and takes it up a notch.

For starters, no one track on this album sounds like the last. In an album that’s viewed as some sort of “coming out party” by critics, that’s needed. Additionally, Tyler waxes poetic on this project a lot more than he has on previous efforts, creating a project that’s mature–but still feels like something Tyler would do. There’s a lot of growth present in Flower Boy, but there are aspects that still feel familiar.

Compared to other “experimental” albums this year (for instance, Wale’s SHINE), it’s that familiarity that has kept me coming back. But, it’s been the experimentation and the evolution that grabs hold of me once I’m back at listening to it. This is definitely a different adult than the one who came into the game as a teenager as leader of a cultural revolution. Now, we’re finally seeing  more of the adult (not the man-child, as some’d suggest Tyler’s albums have leaned towards) that revolution–and its aftermath, including the disintegration of what was once a multi-manned, strong, unified front–has created.

I’m here for it. Definitely here for it. As someone who was on the older side of the OF fanbase coming up, I’m glad to see that Tyler’s grown with his music and his fans and has become more open with himself and others around him. Sure, that’s been happening for a while. However, now, he’s even more open than before and it’s a beautiful sight to see.

So, check out Flower Boy below and support dope music in all its forms.

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