SOTBMusic: An SOTBInterview with @DJTonyDrake of Blue Geek Music

Following your dreams is something that can take a lot out of you, as it’s a long and winding road to success. However, when done correctly, new opportunities will always present themselves. I recently had the chance to sit down with such a dreamchaser, DJ Tony Drake, about his upcoming series The Indies.

Drake is a self-taught DJ from El Paso, Texas. From that first spin, he has always been about “putting people onto new sounds.” That, along with a desire to be involved with music from seeing his uncle perform, led him to DJing. However, the price of admission was “all the money [he] had” on an internship, therefore he felt he “had to learn how to DJ.” That drive has led Drake to work on a show, The Blender, for almost seven years and led him to open for artists such as J. Cole, Immortal Technique, Big Sean, and more. Because of these things, the transition into creating The Indies was written in the stars.

Drake serves as the executive producer, creator and writer of the series, one that reminds me of an homage to Samurai Champloo–a project Drake grabbed a lot influence from–with more hip-hop-centric developments within it. I’ve known Tony for the better part of the past decade and the story behind The Indies is one that automatically grabbed my attention. That is especially because “the music becomes a character in of itself,” as Drake explains.

The story is as follows. In a post-apocalyptic world, hip-hop is one of the few surviving remnants of the old world. Our main character, Slick, desires nothing but to be the “universe’s next big hip-hop star…and will do anything to be that.” This includes signing a contract with an unknown DJ entity that also causes Slick to become a hitman-for-hire. 

The project is currently in the planning stages, as Drake has funded everything “solo dolo” to this point, through engineer [day]work and DJing on the side.” With that in mind, Drake plans to kick things off proper with a Kickstarter coming up on August 28th. The completion of the Kickstarter, which will go towards creating a 2D short of The Indies, will also coincide with a possible animation festival run and vinyl toys for backers. If you like what you’ve heard thus far or viewed above, be sure to check it out and support dope music–and art–in all its forms. As it’s key to get people mobilized early, and this is something I believe in, I hope that some of my readership see this and want to support it.

For more information on The Indies, visit or follow the team on IG at @bluegeekmusic. To support the Kickstarter, visit here.
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