New SOTBMusic: @SShinComics Delivers a Prelude to New Issues

I’ll cut the flowery crap down like a samurai. The best way to describe this project is dope. I know I throw the word “dope” around a lot. However, the reason why I do so is that I get some pretty tasty jams in my inbox/DMs. Therefore, I’ve got to share them with the world.

Today, we’re talking Samurai Shin, a multimedia project that includes a comic series and a few soundtracks. This EP–and its parent series–definitely take some cues from legendary projects like Samurai Champloo, but still feel original enough to stand on their own. The production values on the comic seem pretty top-notch as well, as the artists really pay a lot of attention to detail. Now, coming back to The Prelude EP, I’m especially a fan of the production; it’s a mix of lo-fi and boombap, both beautiful sounds to my earholes. You know what to do. Check it out below, and support dope art–and music–in all its forms. And if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to cop a copy of the comic to see where the story takes me.

Speed on the Beat

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