New SOTBMusic: On The 7th Day, @ShonGoner Delivers a Deeply Introspective Project

A few weeks ago, I highlighted Philly artist Shon Goner’s “Singin’ Like” track on the site. However, today, we’re talking the parent project, On The 7th Day, which is a bouncy but introspective project. This mix of bouncy and introspective allows listeners to nod their head to radio-ready production and listen to a young man who’s trying to find himself musically and otherwise. 
Shon leans heavily on Auto-Tune. However, it acts as another way to showcase his emotions versus just being a cool thing to toss on some bars after the fact. For instance, on the track “Salty,” Shon uses the manipulation that comes with Auto-Tune to possibly display a distortion in the mindsets of those who are, well, salty at his success. 
Where Shon shines is when he’s baring his soul versus just flexing and flashing. The songs “Wrong Way” and “My Gospel” are prime examples of this, as they present him as an artist who’s trying to figure it out and doesn’t have all the answers. Perhaps I’m a sucker for the struggle and its many forms, but Shon is a better artist when he gives us more of himself versus when he’s saying “fuck the haters.” 
Nevertheless, this is a project that is definitely SOTBMusic-approved. So you know what to do. Check it out below and continue to support dope music in all its forms.
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