New SOTBMusic: @heyamine Says Good For You in New Album

I’m going to keep this one short and let you get back to enjoying the music. Besides, I’m already late on this one.

Amine must’ve taken notes from Millie Jackson on Good For You, aside from the Back to the Sh*t-homaging album cover. This album is free-spirited, fun, but still grounded enough to grab your attention if you’re looking for “real rap” and all that stuff. The album is a lot more than “Caroline” and “REDMERCEDES.” That was my main concern with the album when I first heard it was coming.

I thought that Amine had potential to break through, but there had to be more than the singles to deliver, for me. The album feels like a mix of D.R.A.M.’s debut if it was ran through a blender that was set to “love” and definite homages to his upbringing with some Chance-esque sensibilities. There’s less rappity-rap and more of a flow over the beats to showcase a story about love–both love gained and love lost. For an example of this, look no further than “Spice Girl” and “Wedding Crashers.” One’s dedicated to the girl of his dreams, while the other is about the ones who weren’t that girl. He’s doing fine without the exes, even though he’s still looking for “the one.” This is something most people have been able to relate to at some point.

Additionally, I’m in love with the production. It’s a mix of eclectic beats and jazzy vibes that allow Amine to just float over the tracks and give his own thoughts on life and its “lifeness” (had to bring that back). He’s a young man, but a young man who’s sure of what he wants in life: love.

Overall, it’s an album that is light, but not ignorant in its lightness. There is a story and there is substance to everything presented–even if it is a bit more airy than some of us may be used to. Therefore, it’s something that needs to be experienced. Ignore the “I’m taking a dump” cover and get into the music. So, do the thing. Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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