New SOTBMusic: @ShwazeCollins Plays the Silver Surfer of Baltimore in New EP

Baltimore’s Shwaze Collins released his Silver Surfer project yesterday, and it is one that is a pretty solid release. Executive produced by Jayno Beatz–who also provides the instrumentals–Surfer is a project that touches all facets of who Shwaze is. From the numerous beat switches (which I’m a sucker for, when done correctly) to the diverse subject matter, we get to see both the growth of Shwaze and the evolution of his processes. 
The project also features Fluent and Rickie Jacobs on the anti-broke anthem “Honda Accord” and the silky “Satin Sheets,” respectively. He also showcases one of his New Wave Order brethren, Mack Scott, on the Curren$y-esque “Max B.”T hese guest features help elevate the project past your typical release, as the project legitimately shows growth between even songs. For me, the standout piece of the project is the intro as it allows Shwaze’s somewhat smoothed-out flow to be that more pronounced and the lyrical desire to grow and be better that much more evident. So, check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.
Speed on the Beat

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