New SOTBMusic: @Bou_YH Teams Up with @FunshoTheWriter for Nothing

I recently got this one in the mail from Kwame Darko (remember him?), who’s now doing artist promotion and a slew of other things. I had to give it a listen mainly on the strength of who it came from. Bou, pronounced “Boo,” is a Silver Spring native who has seen life from both sides of the fence. He’s someone who’s hit the books and hit the streets, sometimes at the same time. That mix of street smarts and book-heavy tendencies blends well in “Nothing.” This is a track from Bou’s upcoming MMXX (2020) project, which is named such because it shows where Bou wants to be in 2020 and that he’s gained some clarity.

Back to “Nothing,” Bou speaks to a lover who doesn’t seem to appreciate him–even though he knowingly does some of the same, since “the bitches [he’s] fucking” also seem to want him forever just as much as his actual lover. But, he’s got little to no patience, since he’s aspiring for great things. He just wants the one he’s loving to come around and stop playing games–which will, seemingly, stop him from playing games as well. The production, while sparse in parts, helps display both artists on this track as distinct and authentic.

Check out “Nothing” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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