New SOTBMusic: @TheCouny Introduces Us to Their Side of the World

P.G. County natives The Couny, after weeks of teasing, have released their first collection. Welcome To The Couny is a ten-track introduction to what it’s like to live in a world with Charlie Too Much and Sleezy Bundles. Featured on the project are cuts that we’ve come familiar with over the past few months, such as “Uncle Phil” and “Kenan & Kel.” I would just say that “oh, if you liked those tracks, you’ll love the album.” However, that does a disservice to the rest of the project.

While it’s true that the leaks are what will draw you in, tracks like the intro “Couny Music” further flesh out the duo’s presence in DMV hip-hop. Yes, The Couny is here to play favor to your nostalgia. However, their lyricism and subject matter is deeply rooted in the now, while still being nostalgic in its approach. It’s this duality that kept me hanging onto the project and rocking with what they put down. We get flips and cuts of stuff we grew up with, but the project deals with growing up in the now and how it does get difficult for newer artists to get their own shine on.

Overall, Welcome To The Couny is a fun project that doesn’t lose focus of its audience (mainly 90s babies and purveyors of dope sounds). The only thing is that I wish there was a little bit more from the duo, but it’s still 10 tracks of pure, unadulterated dopeness coming out the speakers. So, check Welcome To The Couny out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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