New SOTBMusic: @NoFaceRapper Says to Never Fear Rejection

Virginia native No Face, Rapper released the follow-up to his Wintercoat EP from earlier in the year. Featuring the previously-released “No Grammys” and “Stranger Things,” the six-track Never Fear Rejection features a constant evolution for the artist. Taking the evolutionary energy of “No Grammys” and “Stranger Things” and stretching it across an entire project can be a daunting task. However, Face seems here for it in all ways. From the introduction’s bouncy, Timbaland-meets-Mike-Will-esque intro through the soulful “Divulgence,” which flips Beyonce’s “Ego” into a boombap track that you’d expect early Drake to rap over, the “Black Scott Pilgrim” gives us his soul for dissection.
When we dissect said soul, we’re given a young man who reminds me more of K.R.I.T. than a lot of folks I’ve heard over the years. That’s saying a lot, considering I always hold K.R.I.T.’s music on a higher echelon than most artists. It’s equal parts vulnerable and open (for instance, “Velma’s Interlude”) while still being hard-hitting and less about moments, more about the overall purpose of the track in question. That purpose, for me, is one that shows that you can’t be afraid of the unknowns–even if the unknowns are things that can severely damage you.
If you want a project that’s vulnerable, but still imparts life lessons, check out NFR below and support dope music in all its forms. I believe that you won’t be disappointed when you check this one out. 
Edit: 9/5/17, 10:26 AM — The original version of this article incorrectly cited the project’s title as Never Face Rejection. That has since been edited to the project’s proper title, Never Fear Rejection.
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