SOTBNerdy: Will I Finish Final Fantasy XV?

Final Fantasy XV came out almost a year ago. However, it may be the first (single-player, as the MMORPG games were/are mostly evergreen) Final Fantasy that I don’t complete all the way through.

That sucks, since I paid money for the game all the DLC episodes that came along with that purchase. And the game itself isn’t really bad, per se. It’s just lost me somewhere after fighting Titan. I know that I’ve praised the game and its big moments in the past. Hell, I’ve done two pieces on the project. Even with that, though, there’s just something that’s keeping me from finishing it.

It could have something to do with people (especially fellow Profound Asshole Gingawd) saying that the story gets asinine after the tenth chapter and turns into your stereotypical action-RPG game; it becomes FF in name and big moments only, not in the sense of a grandiose story. That was one of my issues with Final Fantasy XIII. You can imagine my hesitation to play two grand single-player FF games with that same sort of thing going on.

It may have something to do with the fact that, while grinding is fun in XV, it sometimes becomes all that you do in the game. I’m kind of at the point where I run around the world, killing enemies and the like for the hell of it. I’m probably pretty OP in the game right now. I’m shortly after the Titan battle and my level is in the mid-to-upper-50s.

(Ed. Note: Not my playthrough obv.)

It could have something to do with the fact that games like Life is Strange are things and I’m more invested in those games than a big-budget RPG that feels somewhat hollow in its execution. XV‘s a “Final Fantasy for first-timers and fans.” However, it gets so caught up in reminiscing about the history of the series that you’re given some of the same story beats that you got in, say, a VII or VIII or even a VI. Nothing really new is brought to the table in XV like some of its contemporaries and other FF games. Ironically enough, both LiS and FF are Square Enix properties.

Whatever the case may be, I’m struggling to find the motivation to finish Final Fantasy VX and that’s something that I never had a problem with in the past. Sure, I started Final Fantasy VII when I was ten and finished it when I was 12, but that had more to do with my discs getting destroyed on several occasions (and my mom not understanding why I was so obsessed with finishing a game with a spiky-haired blond dude with a big-ass sword). Am I getting too old for FF, now that I actively play other types of RPGs–including tabletop D&D with Drizzle Sez, Gingawd and some of our other mutual friends/acquaintances?

Maybe? I don’t know…but pray that I see the end of this game at some point. I’d hate for it to be the only Final Fantasy game that I don’t complete.

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