New SOTBMusic: @BIGKRIT Takes Us To Church in "Keep The devil Off" Visuals

Last night, Big K.R.I.T. announced to the world that he was dropping a double album, 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time, a title seemingly taken from K.R.I.T.’s “King Without A Crown” track from 2013’s  King Remembered In Time tape. I’m, as a K.R.I.T. fan, unabashedly here for it. I’ve already pre-ordered the track. Any K.R.I.T. is pretty much good K.R.I.T. and will quell my fiending for new music from him. 
Now, to reign in my (possible) fanboyism. While I liked it, I still wanted more from “Confetti” as a first single–especially we hadn’t heard from K.R.I.T. on his solo tip in a minute. The track was dope, but it kept me wanting more from it. However, I got everything I could’ve wanted from the 3rd Coast representer on this one. 
“Keep The devil Off” is a beautiful, boisterous return to form that fully realizes and revels in the gospel-y feels we’ve gotten from K.R.I.T. over the years. There’s a nice subtle touch in not emphasizing “devil” in the track’s title, as well, opting to lowercase the word. The video itself is minimalistic. Instead of something big and over-the-top, we get K.R.I.T. in black and white praise dancing to the track that defines why he’s unlike these other artists and folks out here. This is the K.R.I.T. we need, the one who gives us that classic K.R.I.T. feel while still expanding his repertoire of sounds and vibes.
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