New SOTBMusic: @IDK Returns with the Full Version of IWASVERYBAD

I’m sorry. I was very bad about getting an advance copy of this from someone (and I wasn’t going to steal it from the Internet; I appreciate everything IDK has done as an artist). However, here are some takeaways from my perspective on IDK’s latest release, IWASVERYBAD
The tracks are representative of IDK’s upbringing and take you for a ride through his life. Everything blends well together to showcase this, but no one track is really the same. The production is top-notch and captures that late-teen/early-adult phase pretty effortlessly. The guest appearances, while eclectic, represent different aspects of IDK’s life as well, while also offering differing opinions and scenarios on growing up in sketchy situations. I mean, the man has a DOOM appearance on one track, a Swizz Beatz appearance on “Maryland Ass Nigga,” then lets Keef do his thing on “17 With A 38.” If that’s not the definition of “eclectic,” I don’t know what is. 
While not as character-driven as his earlier efforts (the main “character” is IDK himself versus different personifications of the lives of others around him or what-have-you), the album is an improvement over Subtrap and The Empty Bank. To put this out as his third LP showcases a continuous growth as an artist. In terms of what track stood out to me, I’d have to say it’s a tie between, well, all of them. 
Each track is meticulously crafted to place a listener in the shoes of IDK as a young man struggling in the struggle and in the lifestyle. There’s not a single track on this project that should be shortened or removed. Simply put, it’s about as perfect of an album, construction-wise, as you can get. Again, this is only his third LP and he’s still relatively young. Therefore, the proverbial sky’s the limit for IDK. Will this be for everyone? Eh, probably not. But, if you want bars with your gangsta and an overarching story with your bars, you could do a helluva lot worse. Check out IWASVERYBAD below and support dope music in all its forms.
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