SOTBSports: Maybe The Orioles SHOULD Trade Manny Machado

About seven months ago, on this very site, I offered up my two cents about Manny Machado being traded before the 2017 Trade Deadline. My thoughts were, unless they pulled off a Frank Robinson-esque haul, similar to the following gif:

However, it’s a new year and shit done changed. The Yankees picked up Giancarlo Stanton in a pretty sweet deal and every other team in the AL East has made moves to improve themselves. Elsewhere, the Astros picked up Gerrit Cole and the Angels dropped some coin (but not too much) to get Shohei Ohtani. Meanwhile, the Orioles have maintained the Duquette Train of Thought (patent pending) and have picked up Rule 5 players and have failed to really make much noise in the Free Agent Market. That’s even with players like Miguel Gonzalez getting signed on kind of bargains. Hell, the Mets made a splash (kind of) by bringing back Jay Bruce and signing Adrian Gonzalez. Plus, even though the O’s have one more year of Manny (so far), there seem not to be any talks for any sort of contract extension–even a crappy one. Long story short, the Orioles will probably lose Manny Machado next year to a team like those damned Yankees. 
The irony, I know…
So, with that in mind, should the Orioles just say “burn it all to hell” and trade Manny for some prospects and restock for the future? 
Jonathan Schoop will be up next for a massive extension and, while Peter Angelos has bank, he probably doesn’t have the bank to keep Manny and Schoop while still paying for the contracts for people like Chris Davis (who had a pretty meh 2017–and 2016, if we’re being completely honest with ourselves). Look, I’d love to see the Orioles keep Manny and Schoop and build a powerful infield duo for years to come. But, I don’t see it happening, especially with a lot of other talent up for contracts in the next few years (for instance, Adam Jones and ’em in 2018). So, keep it moving and build upon a future that doesn’t include shelling out $50M a year for Manny. Why keep him here this year if you plan to maintain versus contend?
That’s, of course, barring any sort of moves from the Orioles FO that suggest that we’re actually going to bring in some talent that’ll help make a push for the playoffs. Judging thus far, though, we’re probably better off either way slinging Manny to the highest bidder and letting them fight over whether he’ll be back in their uniform next year. I love my Orioles and I love me some Manny. But, I’m also a realist (read: kind of a pessimist, sadly) and I’m pretty sure that Peter Angelos won’t want to/won’t be able to afford Manny Machado next year.

Let’s treat this upcoming season, unless something miraculous happens, as Manny Machado’s Orioles farewell tour and pray the Orioles don’t let him walk for absolutely nothing next year this time. Because, if that happens, then they really fucked up.

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