New SOTBMusic: @CreekBoyz111 Go Loco for The Finer Things in New Track

So, it’s been pretty impossible to escape the Creek Boyz track “With My Team” over the past year or so. The track even received a glossier official video and remix featuring some of the dopest Lil’ Yachty vocals I’ve ever heard (and this is coming from a guy who didn’t like Teenage Emotions–like, at all). The “trap choir” song (as Pitchfork and Vice and those types are calling it) was melodic as hell and inspirational while still being dark and reflective on the darkness of Baltimore City. Aside from that, it was just a catchy-ass track and that is just as important as having bars on top of bars and a story. I mean, who wants to hear a story–regardless of how dope it is–if you’re boring your audience?  Then, you’re really letting Nas down, folks. All that aside, today, I’m talking about one of the “Team” follow-ups, “Loco.”

I’m here for the unison that Creek Boyz give us on this one, since it’s something pretty different from the typical sounds we associate with hip-hop these days. The track kind of reminds me of a mix of ’90s R&B, Migos, Nappy Roots, and just everything that makes Baltimore and its surrounding areas unique. It’s hard, but still catchy and infectious enough that you’re not gonna feel wild riding through the city (Baltimore or otherwise) blasting the hell out of it. On top of that, each verse takes us through a different aspect of being loco, even if the hunt for the loot (and drawers) is a possible end goal. Check out the track above and below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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