New SOTBMusic: Is @Drake Plotting on a New Comeback Season? — Thoughts on the Scary Hours EP

Well, an actual new version of Comeback Season may not be in the works. However, Drake came back with two new tracks in which he’s actually spitting. Whether or not these make it onto any new album remains to be seen. I mean, Drake does have a habit of putting loosies out, having them catch fire, then letting them remain loosies. For instance, he’s dropped stuff like “Back 2 Back” and “Hotline Bling” was pretty much just a bonus track on Views. Hell, you can even go back to stuff like his “Beautiful Music” freestyle not making it onto any official Drake mixtape despite having some of his hottest bars from that era.

“God’s Plan” reminds me of that Take Care and IYRTITL Drake. Sing-songy, yes, but still dark in its execution without sounding completely cut-and-paste. The track is yet another “Drake’s making moves, but he’s reflecting on the fuckery in his life” track. You’d think that ten-plus years in the game, Drake would’ve run out of ways to say “I still have trust issues, but the ones that are real know the real me.” However, he doesn’t/hasn’t. Does that make this a track you need to consistently stream/play once you buy it (because nobody is really eating merrily off these streams, regardless of what Jay tells you)? Eh. It’s alright. If you liked his sing-songy stuff on the aforementioned albums, then this one will be a definite listen. If you’ve grown tired of hearing those eras of Drake, you’ll probably skip. Me? I’m in the middle. But, I didn’t come here for “God’s Plan.” I’ve gotten enough singing Drake over the past few albums.
“Diplomatic Immunity,” which sadly doesn’t have any connection to Dipset, is a dope collection of bars. Topic-wise, it’s kind of the same as “God’s Plan” with a ton more “I’m one of the best out” swagger. However, it’s so refreshing to hear Drake actually rapping that the cat could be spitting the alphabet and I’d be like “this is cool.” Does that mean that my bar of excellence is set lower for Drake? Nah, not at all. But, I like when Drake the entertainer becomes Drake the rapper. It’s kind of like how Big KRIT becomes otherworldly when he spits or Lupe can say nothing but a bunch of multis and it’s still fire emojis throughout. There’s just something about it. Check out the tracks above and remember to support dope music in all its forms. 
2018 may not be that shitty after all.
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