New SOTBMusic: @Donnynnon Channels Kanye and Gambino on "Fading"

There are times where my words, as eloquent as they can be, don’t/can’t fully encapsulate a track. That’s when I’ll usually say “I’ll shut up and let it speak for itself.” DONAVON’s “FADING” visuals have that sort of vibe. When he first showed them to me, I told him “bruh, this has some real Kanye and Gambino vibes. I’m impressed.” 
A cyclical video in nature, “FADING” features DONAVON waking up and chasing after a woman who’s been seemingly kidnapped. However, all is not what it seems in this story, as DONAVON soon finds himself in a precarious situation brought on by his own heroism. The imagery in this video is strong and poignant. It makes you think but keeps you in the action unfolding. Add that to a pretty dope neo-soul-esque, hip-hop track and you’ve got something that’s pretty awesome and discusses how we’re doomed to repeat our mistakes unless we look out for all the signs. Check out “FADING” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. 
Speed on the Beat

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