New SOTBMusic: @RobMarkman Delivers an Odd Track on "Hit My Line"

Let me preface my thoughts by saying this: I like Rob Markman. I think what he does “for the culture” is great. I respect him as a writer and a braintrust in the industry and beyond. I support him as an artist, since he’s doing what I’m doing (kind of) as an artist/writer. He usually delivers, at the very least, competent, bar fiend-friendly rap tracks. Write to Dream was a solid EP.

Now, at the risk of being blackballed by every big rapper and writer in the game, this ain’t one I can recommend in good conscience.

Markman’s latest single, “Hit My Line,” is kind of…how can I put this?

I don’t know if he’s attempting to parody mid-2000s Loverman raps (even down to the phone number shoutout) or if he’s seriously thinking this is the best way to get his girl’s attention. Either way, it’s not really that good of a track. I get the message. Said message is something along the lines of “I’m not trash. Give me your time, baby, and here’s my number to call when you get your ish together.” I can rock with it. However, the execution is flawed to me. The beat feels very mid-2000s, and the “sexy” raps are kind of like LL on “Baby.”

Still, if you want to check it out, here it is.

And Rob, if you want to hit my line and discuss what you were going for on this one, I’m here for it. Shoot, I’ll even admit to dropping a few clunkers myself over the years. 

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