New SOTBMusic: @seeSHREVE Delivers an Elevation on Lost Love Found

I got to this one yesterday on my sick day (don’t ask), and I’m like “yes! New C.Shreve the Professor.” So, I do what I must. I vibe with it and take it all in like a big toke of musical marijuana. This high, however, it’s different that what we typically hear from the Asheville, NC musician. It’s not just “I’m here with something to prove” bars this time out. Here, we get deeper than rap. 
“This basement rapper got an underground factory/the impact of that can’t be measured in the data, see,” Shreve raps on the second track, “Ice Charms.” That one bar encapsulates what this whole project feels like for me. It has “basement rap” vibes, but the reach is far beyond just basements and friends freestyling for the heck of it. It’s hard to pinpoint a “breakout” moment for an artist that’s consistently been putting out great music. However, this may be the one that puts Shreve over the top in terms of being recognized for his bars, wordplay, and so on. 
We get a constantly-maturing Shreve on this project, taking the evolution we’ve seen in previous projects and furthering it here. Overall, it’s a great project and an excellent introduction if you’ve never heard C.Shreve spit his truth. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.
Speed on the Beat

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