New SOTBMusic: @AzealiaBanks Takes Listeners to Treasure Island

Guys, I’m conflicted.

Azealia Banks has bars and can sing her hind regions off when need be. She makes solid music to dance your pain away while still getting a few thoughts in there. It’s just something about her troll-esque nature that always makes me second-guess checking her music–even if/when she’s speaking truths. It’s actually pretty darn depressing to think about. For instance, Banks has given us Nicki Minaj energy better than Nicki herself at times. I say that as a fan of most of Nicki’s work pre-“Anaconda” and someone who believes she’s been good for hip-hop overall because of her openness.

People may argue that Banks needs to keep her thoughts to herself at times. But, if she did that, she wouldn’t be true to herself. It’s a conundrum, because there is often at least one truth within the troll-like comments–even if they’re sometimes said in the most bass-ackwards ways possible. I don’t pretend to completely understand Azealia Banks, and I damn sure don’t approve of all of her tactics/antics. However, I know one thing. “Treasure Island” is dope by itself.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve rocked out to a few Azealia Banks cuts. She’s dope when she’s focused on just the music. With “Treasure Island,” I get heavy Missy Elliott vibes, down to the almost cooing nature of the sexy vocals. She’s focused here, even if it took rants on folks like Cardi B and Nicki to get there. The song is a certified summer song, and feels calming and raw at the same time–kind of like a Missy or an Eve track. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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