SOTBMusic: Some Thoughts About Papa Speed’s Boys

I have a penchant for including my kids in my music, however I’ve never really spoke on them being a motivating force for me to better myself and pull myself out of dark places. Even after including them on albums such as The Sorest Loser, I never really spoke on how they helped me become the man I am today. For instance, after my mom died, I was very distraught, to say the least. The birth of my second son, Jeremiah, helped me recover after that massive loss. My first-born, Jovanni, he’s been the motivating factor to keep me from going too off the rails and has kept me improving my life as a father and as a man. So, it’s only right that the follow-up to Mama Young’s Son (and the spiritual successor to an album some call my best, Songs For…) is entitled Papa Speed’s Boys (The 29th Year).

It’s not going to be as long as some of my earlier releases (I can already hear some people saying “thank God, I don’t have to listen to Speed ramble for an hour”). In fact, counting the songs already released, it clocks in at about eight songs and around thirty minutes. I’m not doing it because Kanye did it, though.

I’m releasing eight songs because my oldest will be eight next year and eight’s always been one of my favorite numbers (along with 17, but I’m not dropping a 17-track album anytime soon). Plus, if you want to get Biblical (which is something that, while I don’t really go to church, I tend to do from time to time), the number eight is pretty important there as well. On top of that, the release date, 8/16. If 16 is divided by 8, you get 2, representative of the two children I have (well, that and I wanted it to release on the last day of my 20s, hence the subtitle “The 29th Year”).

I’m legit excited for the project and hope you all rock with it in some way. Check out the already released-tracks from it below, including the song “Se Roquel 2”–which’ll be known on the album as “For Raquel (f/k/a “Se Roquel 2”)–and support dope music in all its forms (yes, even mine).

Speed on the Beat

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