New SOTBMusic: Talking J. Cole and Bad Punchlines

You’re probably expecting me to, at some point, talk about Iggy Azalea’s new music. All I’ll say is that it’s butt-friendly. She has a booty, and she wants to world to know. Go her for being all body-positive and whatnot.

Now that we’ve got that out the way, J. Cole freestyled over the “Oochie Wally” beat.

I’m conflicted, guys. On one hand, J. Cole dropped some heat and makes us think. On the other, he still hit us with groan-inducing bars like “half man, half amazing/plus I’m good at math like I’m Asian.” At this point, groaners like that are par for the course for Cole. Because of this, I’ve got a question. If a dope artist drops crappy punchlines, does that make them less crappy because they came out the mouth of a dope artist? I’ve got to say “no.”

Bad punchlines, including low-hanging fruit like Asian stereotypes, are bad punchlines, regardless of who says them. If “Lil Random Rapper #3005” hit us with this line, it’d be just as bad. We expect more, as listeners, from artists like Cole because we place them on this “real rap” echelon. Maybe it’s our fault, as listeners? I don’t know. I’m no musical genius, except when I do musical stuff myself (Papa Speed’s Boys drops next Thursday, shameless plug).

But, sometimes, you can’t help but chuckle at bad punchlines. Doesn’t that mean that they accomplish their goal, if they’re still halfway funny. Eh, that depends on what the goal is. If we’re trying to say that Cole is one of the best lyricists out, clunkers like that make you somewhat second-guess that statement. However, his flow is on point and, clunkers included, he made a mark with “Album Of The Year,” hence my conflicted nature on the song.

Decide for yourself, SOTB family. Can bad punchlines ruin otherwise great songs? Check out “Album Of The Year” above and support dope music in all its forms, even if there are some questionable punchlines involved. I’ll revisit this topic of bad punchlines one of these days, just you wait.
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