SOTBMusic: Brent Butler is "In The Desert" in New Visuals

Between writing SOTBNerdy pieces, listening to bomb SOTBMusic, and job hunting (more on that at a later date), I got this one in my inbox from NYC artist Brent Butler. The multifaceted artist’s latest visuals, “In The Desert,” find him attempting to achieve some sort of nirvana while becoming one with nature. This is all while being a proponent of self-discovery in a world that doesn’t always offer that option. He’s like a mix of J. Cole and Bowie. He’s enlightened and able to transcend the craziness of the world, all while making a catchy track. The sweet vocals of Lauren Renahan on the chorus add in another element to the already-deep track.

I really like the direction of “Desert” visually and otherwise. The visuals, crafted by Nigerian-born, Cali-residing filmmaker Majiye Uchibeke, came together through the two artists linking up on Instagram. And they say that social media rots peoples’ abilities to network properly.

Check out “In The Desert” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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