New SOTBMusic: Ghostface Killah Drops The Lost Tapes

A little-known Speed on the Beat fact: my fiancée bought me a copy of The Big Doe Rehab in 2007 after it dropped because she knew that I loved lyrical hip-hop and I rocked heavy with Ghostface Killah’s music. It was one of the first gifts she gave me and I treasure that album for everything it represented. See, on top of being one of the first gifts the love of my life gave me, it was also an album that influenced me. Now, I wasn’t out here bussin’ heads or selling coke. However, it still played a big part in my music and life from 2007 onward. I still go back and listen to that album and Fishscale when I need my now-prerequisite dose of dope. Fast forward about eleven years and Tony Stark’s back with The Lost Tapes.

It’s an album that showcases that not only does he still have it, he still does it better than a lot of artists. However, it’s not all about Ghostface, as he lets others such as KXNG Crooked (I still like to refer to him as Crooked I out of a force of habit) and Ras Kass spit their ish as well. The beauty of this project is that it has a bit of a timeless hip-hop feel to it without feeling dated. Everyone’s style blends effortlessly, the production is pretty amazing (shoutout to Big Ghost. Yes, that Big Ghost), and it feels like the 90s and early-to-mid-2000s without being stuck in the 90s and early-to-mid-2000s. A solid addition to the discography for sure, The Lost Tapes salutes the past while also paving the way for a future. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.
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