New SOTBMusic: Takeoff Talks About His "Last Memory" on New Track

I may look like a bandwagoner when I say this, I’m aware.

In terms of Migos, it goes Takeoff, Offset, and then Quavo for me in terms of who I like. Put those three together and, sure, I’m turning up regardless. However, individually, Takeoff gets me in my zone more. For instance, his verse on “Narcos” was the joint that I started breaking my neck on. Fast forward to today and we get his first solo effort, “Last Memory,” from the upcoming The Last Rocket.

Over synthy production, Takeoff delves into the YRN lifestyle, which wouldn’t seem like it’s new territory. I mean, Migos has made a career off of being young rich–well, you know where I’m going with this. However, it’s something about his slowed flow that accentuates what he’s getting at and makes you feel it in his chest. Plus, slowed down, you get to see that there are still a few bars waiting to be released mixed within the so-called “mumble.” In short, it’s a banger and should be a fall favorite, especially with its spooky-ish instrumentation. Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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