New SOTBMusic: Con Returns Fire on Dinner at 6

Yesterday, I discussed The Fury MCs and their shots at Con. Today, Con returns fire and makes his SOTBMusic debut (sorry for being late). It’s a pretty dope comeback and comes in with some bars. Don’t let the explicit cover art distract you from the fact that Con came back swinging and this is a beautiful thing. Both camps are coming hard in this battle. I’m here for it, because I love bars and hip-hop. However, Con made a better track by going, as Geronimo put it, the “Takeover” route (the track had more moments)while The Fury MCs went and made the better diss (it was harder in terms of jugular moments). But Con also went full heel mode and talked his ish over this hypnotic beat.

So, with that said, it’s 1-1 so far. Who’s going to break the tie? Let’s wait and find out and support dope music in all its forms. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m not taking sides on this one. I just want to hear the bars and see how it all plays out.

Speed on the Beat

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