New SOTBMusic: Wayne Watts Talks About Love on "My Favorite Song"

Let’s keep the UMD vibes going. It seems that musically-inclined UMD alumni make songs around the same time. Before you try saying that five times fast, stop yourself and listen to this track. Wayne Watts adopts some K.O.D. vibes and mixes them with some Chance flows over a simple piano melody. He got back to his DK roots a bit with this one, as it’s got an assist from a beautiful voice in Cicely O’Kain.

A brief tangent: Wayne used to come to UMD Juke Joints with a songstress and lay down some soulful lyrics over beats and people loved him for it. I always wanted to get someone to sing on my tracks, but it usually ended with people who couldn’t really sing, meaning Drizzle and I had to Auto-Tune TF out of them or shift their pitch to give them some chipmunky vibes to then place over a beat and flip it.

“My Favorite Song” is part “you let a good thing slip away,” part “I love you like I love my music,” and all heart. The “trap soul” song–as Wayne describes it–hits and hits hard. It’s likely that it will get you feeling it while also getting you in your feelings about that one person who you either grew old with or the one who got away. Before I forget, Wayne’s going on tour for his Dream Create Inspire movement. Check out more information here (he’s going to be in Baltimore on May 15th), check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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