SOTBMusic: FREE Party Drops "LIMBO" from ‘GREY’ Project

While SOTBMusic is slowly, but surely, being phased out in this corner of the interwebs, there’re still flickers that keep me writing about dope music in all its forms. Largo, Maryland duo FREE Party is one of those embers. The first track from their Grey project, “LIMBO” sets the tone for the entire project. Both artists tell their story of self-discovery and identification. It’s a perfect encapsulation of that awkward phase between 21 and 30 where you try to figure everything out–only to realize you’ve still got a long way to go.

“LIMBO” pulls me back to that era. Granted, I’ll only be 31 this year, but my early twenties feel like a lifetime ago. Youthful aspirations and the realization that life isn’t as sweet as it seems can color your perception of reality as you grow older. How you deal with the hardships and the failures will paint your story for the rest of your days. I hope that, like FREE Party, younger readers and listeners don’t lose focus of what’s important. Life, family and friends are forever while glitz can fade and glamour can falter.

Check out the track below and do what I said earlier. Enjoy your lives, but remember that your youth is the perfect time to figure it out–even when you won’t have all the answers.

Speed on the Beat

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