I’ll Title This One Later

I hate that I have to vent like this, especially on a site where I pride myself on not just ranting and raving. I also hate that this one doesn’t have a visual element.

If you know me, you know that I love creativity and jokes. Creativity helps me from losing my mind when I’m in a depressive state. Jokes keep me young. Some of my jokes are off-color, I’ll admit. I’m no saint and I’ve laughed at things I probably shouldn’t have. It’s human nature, at times, to find humor in the obscene and the mundane. However, what I don’t love is people out here doing anything and everything just for a few likes.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen folks perform oral on cucumbers, lick ice cream and put it back, open mouthwash and spit it back in, flash themselves to chastise cow milk drinkers, shoot off fireworks in cabs, and a slew of other weird behavior just for likes and recognition on social media. And that’s before you get into the rabbit holes that suggest everyone who’s dying is being murdered by the Illuminati. People don’t seem to care about misinformation, our collective sanity, or public safety. It’s about how viral you get, consequences be damned. What’s worse is that people seem okay with this sort of behavior. Hell, they encourage it because it’s “circumventing the system” or it’s “funny.”

You’ll notice I didn’t name names. I don’t want these fools to gain another drop of clout.

This sort of behavior isn’t helpful and it isn’t healthy. It’s borderline psychotic, if we’re being real. I hate being the one who gets on a soapbox and talks about people. I want to enjoy myself, watch my anime, eat my food, and listen to dope music. I want to do so without worrying that something’s going to happen that could cause some sort of harm to me. But people these days make it hard to enjoy the simple things because they’re acting reckless. Yes, you can direct your energy elsewhere. That’s always an option. I take breaks from social media more and more these days because I don’t need the stupidity that comes with it.

It’s like K.R.I.T. said, “I love social media for music, but the negativity’ll make you break down.” I enjoy talking with people about topics. I love a good debate. But between the foolishness outlined above, Twitter algorithms defaulting to Radical Trumpism when you don’t follow that many people, and people running jokes into the ground (see “Hot Girl/Hot Boy Summer” for an example), it becomes harder and harder to deal with the shit and you just need to get away, regardless of how it affects your streaming numbers or site views.

I’m no prude. I used to interview porn stars, for crying out loud. And I have a relatively thick skin these days. But, for the love of all that is good and great in this world, do better. All of us need to do better.

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