SOTBMusic: Dolla$ignDunn and TwonDon Present ‘Summertime in Jersey’

Making a summer-centric song can be a daunting task. For every “Summertime,” you have…well, a lot of forgotten songs. Making a summer-centric project can be even more so. Then, you have an entire collection of songs to attach a vibe to and to keep from being overly on the nose. And while it’s too early to tell whether Dolla$ignDunn and TwonDon’s latest project, Summertime in Jersey will be played at cookouts thirty years from now, one thing’s for certain. They gave it their damnedest to ensure that this isn’t going to be one that you’ll forget lightly.

Mixing lyricism with luscious sounds from the Garden State, the duo play to each others’ strengths. This allows them to deliver a project that channels what a project with Curren$y and Pusha-T would sound like. For every hard-hitting line, there is a smoother line to build upon and, sometimes, counter that–and vice versa. Twon and D$D play off each other quite well and build each other up, while still both trying to showcase what makes them unique. The “car ride-length” project is just another in a string of great projects from Twon, D$D, and their label.

For twenty minutes, with a few skits placed in between, the two artists give us bars, beautiful beats, and vibes that scream “this feels like summer” without straight-up saying “hey, issa summertime album!!!” Because it’s not as on-the-nose is what makes this one a project that can be listened to at any time and taken in.

Check out Summertime in Jersey below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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