SOTBMusic: DRAM Links with H.E.R. and watt on “The Lay Down”

DRAM somewhat laid low in the time between his major debut and now. However, it’s been quality over quantity, as when he drops something, it’s worth it. Yesterday, we received new music from the Virginia native. And man! This brother turned up the sex appeal to over 9000. I guess since he’s going back to his singer roots, this was expected. But sheesh!

Featuring H.E.R. and watt on production, “The Lay Down” oozes sex appeal, and not in a “I want to fuck you stupid” sort of way. I’m all for blunt sexuality, but sometimes you need some smoothness in there as well. Call me old, but many of this generation lack that smoothness and just go straight from “hi” to “lemme smash” without any sort of verbal foreplay. DRAM and H.E.R. croon about the things that could go down if they lay down and get wrapped up in each other’s lovers. As DRAM harmonizes and lets his soul run free and H.E.R. does H.E.R. things, both artists set the mood for a night of love.

What really gets me about this one is the guitar solo at the end. I’m a sucker for a good solo–especially on a love/loving song. Someone pouring their soul into a guitar just helps set the mood for me. The song itself features…a lot of talent behind the scenes, which makes this one even sweeter. Check it out via and remember to support dope music in all its forms–and also remember that sex and sensuality has many levels and layers. Trust me.

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