SOTBMusic: The J Dot Era Vol. 2 is Almost Upon Us’

I’ll keep this short and begin this with an apology. I know you’re probably all tired of me discussing The J Dot Era Vol. 2 in various forms. However, August 26th is almost upon us. With it, we’ll get what may be the last collection of J Dot Speed songs. I mean, I’ve gone through several laptops and desktops dating back to before I met Raquel. If it’s not out in the world by Monday, it probably never will be. I’m sure there were a couple of super-duper no-fi songs floating around that mention my crush on Ms. Pink Jacket or some crap. But…ew and eh to that. I have no problem revisiting the past, but some things need to stay buried.

When I performed as J Dot Speed, I used the “brashness” of my lyrics and persona as a coping mechanism. As J Dot, I could say and do things I wanted to outside of music. However, it was unhealthy as I also would perform at Juke Joints after a few shots. On top of that, my bipolar wasn’t exactly under control. Do I miss being J Dot? Hell, no. I love being SOTB because now, I have incorporated all parts of me into one entity (the nerdy me, the rappity-rap me, the conscious me, the brash me, and so on). Plus, I enjoy the successes I’ve achieved as SOTB (because I’ve been able to properly market my music and also hit the ground at a good point in music history). My writing’s improved over the years, my lyrics and my production as well.

You probably have wondered why I’ve only released one track from the project, where as I dropped two These Beats of Mine 2 drops (check that project out below).

Simply put, I didn’t put out more songs from the project in advance because I wanted things to be a surprise. One of the fun things about recording as J Dot Speed was that I could drop something on a whim and still get a fair number of streams (it was a simpler time). I kind of wanted to replicate that “oh snap, there’s new J Dot” feeling and give the persona a proper send-off/”death.”

See you Monday over on Audiomack and Bandcamp.

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