SOTBMusic: Olumide is Slowed Down and Smoked Out on New Project

Olumide (pronounced “oh-luu-me-day” if you were wondering) has been on a roll over the last few years. From collaborating with artists such as NoFace, Rapper to his solo efforts to killing shows in the DMV, he’s made a name for himself as an artist who does what makes him happy, but is still fan-friendly. Additionally, the young brother is a personable guy who isn’t afraid to take risks with his music. The PG County representer dropped his latest project, Slowed Down & Smoked Out, this week.

The 3rd Coast-inspired tape features Olumide gripping the beats like a wheel grips the road, riding slow on each track. His mix of melodies, harmonies, and lyrical talent takes me back to the days that chopped and screwed mixes first hit my ears.

His choice of production is perfect for the mood he’s seemingly aiming for. Things are perfect for smoking and perfect for providing auditory highs if you’re sober. Syrupy chops and loops mesh with Olumide’s sing-song delivery and could transport you to another plane. Olumide is definitively DMV-raised, though. That adds a distinct dimension to the project. With tracks such as “Slang” and “PG Brovas,” Olumide lets us know that while he was inspired by the South for this one, his heart still lives in the 301. It’s that local flavor that made this one a must-listen to me, similar to how the locality of Texas chopped and screwed mixes transported me into their domain. Anyone can slow a track down. It takes a real visionary to slow it down and make it their own, like Michael Watts, DJ Screw, and other artists and DJs have done.

The seven-track project kept me engaged from beginning to end and boosted my spirits for sure. I could feel the love and dedication that went into each track. Check it out via and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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