SOTBMusic: The Weeknd is Heartless in One of Two New Drops

It’s Drugs, Sadness and P-Popping time again for The Weeknd.

After a few years of being a media darling and GRAMMY Award-winning artist, The Weeknd has gotten back to his old ways on the song “Heartless.” One of two new Weeknd songs from last week, “Heartless” features production from Metro Boomin and Illangelo, who also co-wrote the song with The Weeknd and Dre Moon.

It feels like “old Weeknd” without necessarily retreading every little step we’ve come to expect. Yes, the bass warbles and rips your ears off while The Weeknd sings about not needing women, but being what they need. There’s a second-half eerie breakdown of the beat before we’re taken back to the main melody. There are a bevy of strip club and twerk-friendly sections of the track, which is about as surprising as me flipping anime themes at this point. However, it feels…different. It hits different, knowing what dude’s gone through with his relationships (and what he may’ve done within them).

This comfort food of a Weeknd track accomplishes what it needs to. It ushers in a new old era for the multifaceted artist and reinvigorates his fanbase to the point of fever pitch over the upcoming album. Whether or not that’s still Chapter VI matters not. We’ve got new Weeknd music and, as always, I’m excited. Check out the lyric video above or stream below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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