SOTBMusic: NishoSoul Drops Some Reminders After Soon Enough

What do you do when you drop your magnum opus and find yourself stuck? If you’re NishoSoul, you revisit unreleased songs over the last few years and give yourself and listeners reminders of where you could’ve gone. Reminders, Soul’s latest collection, is a six-track EP that features tracks that didn’t find their way onto June’s Soon Enough, but were recorded after 2016’s The Spirit. Each song could’ve fit in within the Soon Enough project, but they stand on their own as well.

From the opening “Pace” freestyle to “Not Just Yet,” the finale, listeners get to experience what goes into the creative process. We see that dope songs sometimes get cut from projects because they don’t fit the overall vibe of their parent project. Most of these could’ve fit, as mentioned, but their exclusion makes sense when one goes and listens to Soon Enough. Had Soul included these, we would’ve had a lot of similarly-themed songs. If you need more positive energy in your soul this holiday season, check out my brother Soul’s project(s) and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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