“Caviar Dreams” is Now Live on Audiomack and Bandcamp

While it’s not Bandcamp Friday today, it’s still a good day to sink your ears into some new music from yours truly. After announcing my latest project, Caviar Dreams: The Revival of the No-Fi King, I thought to myself “what’s a good way to build up buzz for the project?” I mean, the music is dope, but we’re in 2020. Dope music isn’t always enough to reach the people you want to reach. So I’ve been working on promo–like the good ol’ days of the original Songs For… or The Sorest Loser, two of my best-received albums. Benji’s beats and my bars deserve to be heard by as many people as they can reach.

Seeing more of my not-so-ugly mug aside, I think that I’ve been able to build up a good amount of buzz for Caviar Dreams and its title track. I released “Caviar Dreams” on Audiomack and Bandcamp a week early, since those are two of the best platforms I’ve used. If you want some good positive music that’s meant to uplift, this one’s for you. The album is also 10 tracks of that, but we’re going to roll everything out accordingly. And this one, I’m dropping for free-ish on Audiomack and Bandcamp (on BC, you can pay if you want), since it’s not about the money for me; it’s about getting the message out there.

And yes, as far as I can tell, the kanji is correct; I’d hate to look like a jackass, so if I’m wrong, please correct me.

Speed on the Beat

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