Let’s Talk a Bit About ‘The Recession 2’

Let’s do something different.

On the heels of last night’s Verzuz battle (that almost went left until cooler heads prevailed), Jeezy drops a new album. We’ve been blessed with the sequel to one of his best-to-me albums, The Recession. Talk about perfect timing and evolution.

Now if you told me ten years that Demi Lovato and Rick Ross would be on a (Young) Jeezy album, I’d do two things. I’d look at you like “nigga you crazy” in my heavy Baltimore accent and then take a shot of 151 at Bentley’s with college friends. Hell, I made a (not-that-funny) meme about Ross and Jeezy on this very site. However, in 2020, I’m sober and stranger collabs have happened so that’s whatever. Both features work so well as Lovato adds a sexy factor on “My Reputation” and Ross gives us Black excellence on “Almighty Black Dollar.”

The album itself is beautiful music. That’s putting it lightly.

Yes, it’s classic Jeezy. He talks that talk, gets grimy as needed and gives us bars over triumphant, boisterous soul beats. However, there’s also the urgency of a Black man fed up of the way the system has screwed him over. There’s just as much discussion about Black lives mattering and being great as there is that classic street talk.

Jeezy has always been on his Black power tip, even when he was playing heavily with the white powder. That said, this album is just part of the continual progression, something like a Return of 4eva mixed with the original Recession. It’s dope, end of story. It’s Black as hell and it’s beautiful music for the streets and the non-street folks, being the perfect sequel to The Recession. Check it out and do the thing. Support dope music in all its forms.


Jeezy gives us a perfect and timely sequel to The Recession.

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