DJ Yae Gives Us Another Unique Take on Baltimore Club with BBM Vol. 2

When I say that my city is amazing AF, the diversity of the music scene is a prime example of this. DJ Yae hit me up on IG asking if I knew of any outlets who’d be interested in covering his music. After rattling off a few, I offered up myself as an ear and purveyor of dope music. Thankfully, I wasn’t wrong in that guess; his production and music goes harder than most.

His BBM Vol. 2 EP comes in at a bit over eight minutes, but it’s pure unadulterated club goodness. In a year that’s seen Calvo blow up in the scene, 2020 seems as if it’s fostering the rebirth of that classic Baltimore club sound as much as it’s reminding us of the importance of social distancing, washing our hands and “wear(ing) the damn mask(s).” In other words, that sound that’s abrasive but danceable and protestive as much as it’s fun and a throwback to “simpler” times. The EP features four tracks that allow listeners to dance their pain away as well as soak in the surroundings that birthed such music. Overall, it’s enough to whet the appetites of club-hungry ears and get them to check the rest of Yae’s discography, which features as much of him producing/producing club as it does other sounds.

Check out BBM Vol. 2 and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


DJ Yae’s latest is the epitome of what it means to make club music.

Speed on the Beat

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