Alan Z Taps In and Zones Out on “The Chip”

Alan Z’s latest track, “The Chip,” is equal parts anti-stupidity, anti-racism and pro-ride-on-our-enemies. It’s one of those songs that grabs you with the melodic hook. Then, it proceeds to curbstomp your preconceived notions of who Alan is as an artist and a man (if you didn’t already know who he was).

He’s always been one to confront inequality, but here? He’s defying racist beliefs about Asian-born people and Asian-Americans while also saying “if you believe in that crap, you have no space here.” In the age of COVID and ignorant people still believing it’s the fault of individuals that have Asian roots, that’s a powerful statement–one that isn’t said enough.

Over a spacy instrumental, he defines why he’s “Jet Li with the pen.” What hits me the most here is his combination of razor-sharp wit and a rapid-fire delivery. The track leaves no stone unturned while it also shows listeners he’s versatile, wiser and stronger. In other words, he’s a useful weapon in the fight for equality. What he accomplishes on “The Chip” is no small feat, as he refused to stifle his words to appease to anyone. He takes a stand against people trying to erase Asian-Americans from the discussions on race relations and injustices.

On top of that, it’s a bop, plain and simple.

You’ll miss out on an incredible song if you don’t support dope music in all its forms. So, go do that. Alan Z has continued his metamorphosis from a hook master to a multi-faceted weapon of lyrical destruction.


Alan Z’s latest is an anthem in the fight against racism and stupidity.

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