Staasia Daniels’ “Quarantine” is a Sexy Homage to 2020’s Wackiness

Above, we have Staasia Daniels’ latest track, “Quarantine.” It’s a sexy track to her lover which samples “Ready or Not” by After 7 (which was also sampled in Jazmine Sullivan’s “Let it Burn”). Staasia has always been about blending sexuality with sensuality and “Quarantine” keeps that same energy. It’s a slow burner which showcases Daniels at her best: sexy but still mature about how she wants to handle things and be handled.

I say that this track is an homage to the insanity of 2020 because it keeps in mind that people have to be social from a distance. However, Daniels still wants her lover close to do the things lovers do, even if the quarantine is still a thing. It also helps that Daniel’s’ voice is, as always, powerful. Here, it’s also a bit standoffish in some ways. That is, her vocals here embody the 2020 quarantine perfectly. They’re in your ear, trying to get you to risk it all but still warning you to chill until things are a bit more normal.

I am definitely ready for things to return to some semblance of normal, whatever that may look like in 2021. Staasia’s with me on this one, so I’m here for her new music. Even if she was singing pro-quarantine songs, I’d be here for it just off the strength of her vocals. If you’re feeling a bit alone and/or a little horny for your lover, this one captures your desires and your wants perfectly. Even if you’re not ready to jump on your lover the next time you see them, be sure to check on your loved ones—even if you can’t be there physically. Check out “Quarantine” above and be sure to support dope music in all its forms.

TL;DR: Staasia Daniels’ latest track is a love song in the age of COVID-19.
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