Shokus Apollo and Blxck Shxggy Go To Hell on Latest Elite Collaboration

If you know me from my J Dot Speed days, you’ll know that I had a horrorcore era in high school. To put it into a few words, I went somewhere that was a mix between old Three 6 Mafia and early Eminem. I couldn’t/didn’t stick with it because I didn’t think rapping about evil acts or comparing myself to a devil was the way to go. Plus, I’m pretty sure Mama Young thought I was off my rocker for a bit. You never want your mother to think you’re going over the deep end, so I had to explain to her that I was just making music and seeing what was what.

However, I still appreciate a good “evil” song whenever and wherever they may arise. Enter Shokus Apollo and Blxck Shxggy with Go To Hell, a ten-track album of dark as hell lyricism, touching on a bunch of taboo topics.

Between murder, strangulation and thoughts of the dead, you’d think that Apollo and Shxggy were playing with their Ouija boards channeling the devilish and the macabre. Behind the darkness, however, there’s an enjoyable project (if you can stomach the horrorcore elements). Shxggy and Apollo are always two of the most-lyrical folks I know, even when they’re delving into things they normally wouldn’t. Go To Hell is no different, as Apollo and Shxggy dig deep to push their lyricism to another level and push boundaries. An example of this would be the song “Amelia” where Shxggy and Apollo rap about a dead lover. Without giving too much away, they go and fuck a lot of shit up, including some people’s minds.

Again, this one isn’t for the faint of heart as it’s pretty out there in its thought process. However, if you’re looking for lyricism with your darkness, you should give Go To Hell a chance to take you to its hellish landscape. It’s a solid Elite contribution by two of the most-ready-to-transcend-limits members of the group.

Check it out above (if you dare) and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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