SLNDR and Witchmob Deliver Triller than Life Introspection with ‘Poor’ Album

The album Poor by SLNDR and Witchmob is a fun, light, and introspective listen to blast the entire way through and over again. One beautiful aspect of rap throughout its history is that it has the ability to go and evolve forward so much that it even goes back to reclaim power, relatable to the African concept of Sanfoka. Poor by SLNDR and Witchmob is a quaint rap project compacted into 15 minutes that one shouldn’t deem as mere “Alternative rap”. Rap requires a meticulous execution of syllables, flow, and more masteries of the English language in all of its sub-genres. Poor by SLNDR and Witchmob is a return to the Earl Sweatshirt, laid back, underground-coveted brand of syrup slow–but still sweet–lyricism that is not restrained to a strict cadence or flow. The flow is the flow of the free-thinking, free-verse rapper in which SLNDR delivers from start to finish in the 15 minutes of this album. Outside of good local music, the album is dually useful for playing while doing whatever laid back activity or calmly cruising when traveling. 

Poor by SLNDR and Witchmob, cover art by @crwnleak via Instagram

My personal favorite tracks are “THEWILDRECLUSIVE1” and “DMME”, with the illest instrumental (produced by the wonderful Witchmob like every other track for the project) and flow for “THEWILDRECLUSIVE1”. This track contains high grade connecting rhyme lines and sociopolitical commentary. It becomes, like many tracks on the album, conversations you just have to hear and reflect on as if you’re being talked to directly in the moment rather than something you have to blast at ignorant volumes to rage with at a show. And that’s okay!

SLNDR’s talent in transmuting reflective mullings into effective storytelling is apparent in tracks like “DMME” with lyrics such as:

“I had checkers pieces lined upon the chessboard

I let my wings soar like a raven that be speaking ‘nevermore’”

What may sound like babbling are actually lessons and thoughts questioning the state of being that we should all reflect on. 
You can stream Poor by SLNDR and Witchmob on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms today. You can follow SLNDR on Instagram @ avc.slndr and Witchmob @ witch_mob_410 .


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