Money Milan Asserts Dominance and Lyrical Fluidity with “Die2Day” Single

While it is common knowledge that women rappers run the rap game now in terms of backing up daring lyricism with their beauty, what may not be as common is that Money Milan undoubtedly deserves to be mentioned in those conversations of the best women rappers to do it right now in the contemporary Hip Hop climate. A different world ago, I linked with Money Milan fresh off of her performances in different cities in 2019 before the pandemic hit.  With her freestyles, original music and fanbase, Money Milan described herself in my first interview with her about how she prided lyricism and making music that accurately reflected her lifestyle and steez.

Money Milan portrait for past single, “Money Vs Milan”

In the present day, Money Milan keeps true to her talented canon with her newest single, “Die2Day”, released under SoundProofEnt. Her vocals are crisp, gritty and professional from start to finish as the punchlines fly like Little Mac in his element on Super Smash Bros. 

“All the opps on the same shit, just another no name bitch,

If you dying for the clout, then we gonna make you famous”

Money Milan is as hard as ever, describing her daily life and escapades, painting a vivid picture of what happens to anyone disturbing her peace and mission. Hook writing and rapping are her fortes, as the song’s replay value is made apparent by the smooth transitions alone. 

You can stream the recent single on all music streaming platforms today, including Apple Music. You can also follow Money Milan on Instagram @moneymilann to keep up with her adventures and drops.

Cover art for “Die2Day” single. Click photo for link to single streaming on Apple Music.


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