Action Bastard’s ‘Vol. 2’ is Hardcore Nerd Rap at Its Finest

Action Bastard’s Vol. 2 is a mix between nerdcore and abrasive boombap. That’s it, that’s the post.

To go more in-depth, from “I’ve Been Well” through the EP’s conclusion, listeners can expect two things. First, they can expect a bunch of references to video games, anime and other so-called nerdy things. Most of these references aren’t on the nose “a-ha” moments, either. They require more of a deep dive, some of which are more allusions than flat-out references.

The second thing listeners can expect from this one–or any AB project, really–is lyricism for days. AB makes his lyricism seem as effortless as it is for him to drop a fire track entitled “Kuwabara in the Acura.” Truth be told, it probably is. The Baltimore native has had a track record for a while as being one of the most-lyrical artists from the area I’ve heard. That’s all while still being one of the most nerd-friendly ones as well.

In short, this is another addition to an ever-growing resume of good music. If you’re here for the nerdy references, you’ll be happy. If you’re here for the lyricism over beautiful beats–including one from eu-IV (who’s been busy in his own right with BmoreDope 2), you’ll definitely be happy. If you’re expecting AB to halfstep on this one, you’ll be sorely disappointed because the brother rarely misses. Check out the project above via Bandcamp and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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