Krystle Maria’s “Fast Life” is a Futuristic Banger

Even when I don’t post about her music, I always check out whatever Krystle Maria drops. She’s an artist who knows what she wants to do and does it with little regard for who gets offended/who doesn’t like it.

The futurism of “Fast Life” goes right along with her standard MO. Flutes and synths bounce off each other in a chaotic race scene that sets up Krystle’s mission here. She wants the money, the fame and all that. Who doesn’t want to get recognized for doing great music? However, she wants to do it all on her terms and do things her own way. It’s a song that flexes in the lavish ways, but still keeps the overall feel of what we’ve come to expect from the DMV artist over the years.

“Fast Life” is a bit different from some of her other tracks (specifically the tracks I’ve featured on SOTB). That said, it still fits into her grand scheme musically. It’s always great to see an artist step outside of their comfort areas–especially when they deliver bangers when they do so. Check out the song above, peep the video when it drops at 5:00PM today and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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