The Sorest Loser 2 is On the Way

After being inspired by Rorschach tests, pulp comics and Orioles orange, I spent a bit of time today putting together what is now cover art for The Sorest Loser 2: The Reign of the No-Fi King. This album is special to me–like every SOTB release. However, it’s the sequel to what became my highest-streamed album, 2016’s The Sorest Loser. In wondering where I’d go after Caviar Dreams and For My Nerdy…, my mind kept going back and forth between a new Baltimore Commercial Break project and finally delivering a sequel to TSL 1. I feel that it’s too early in the life of BCB 2/BCB 2.1 to do a full-on sequel to that project because it’s still a bit fresher in people’s minds, at least when it comes to my own music.

Instead, I opted to make a sequel to TSL 1 because it’s been five years since the original and I wanted to see what’s changed since that original album. For starters, I’m older, wiser and more of a complete artist/complete person these days. I wanted to show my ability to work with others has grown since 2016 as well as my age. I needed to remind people why the No-Fi King moniker wasn’t just for show (something I began doing over the course of Caviar Dreams). Simply put, it was time and it’s time to fully blossom into the man my mom thought I was while she was alive. There’s no time like the present to change and evolve, and since we’re always evolving…we’re always changing and growing.

The album drops Tuesday, August 17th and the first single from the project will drop in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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